Mallory Hope is a 20 something, Jewish, Southern Belle enjoying her life in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Richmond, Virginia this gal is no small town debutante. She grew up entertaining her family at dinner time and dancing at a local dance studio. Her dancing included jazz, ballet, pointe, and competition but her favorite was tap. The louder the better!

As the youngest in a very outspoken family she honed her skills while learning to imitate comedians, dancers, and actors. Whether it was Jim Carrey from “Liar Liar”, the Double Mint Commercials, or music videos by all the favorite 90s pop stars, Mallory aimed to make a statement and wanted to make everyone smile around her.

As her mother’s helper Mallory learned to cook and bake for a crowd. Her passion for cooking and hosting parties has only expanded during her travels. Her bubbly persona makes everyone feel comfortable and included at all her parties and gatherings. She aims to cook as many meals at home as possible and try out a new baking recipe a week.

Mallory is a proud alumnus from The University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. She graduated with honors with a degree in Sport & Entertainment Management. Mallory pursued her interest in sports and fitness while at Carolina. She is certified to teach Group Fitness Classes and aiming to gain her Personal Trainer’s license.

Her 5 year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles is fast approaching and her #1 goal- BE HAPPY! Set the bar and keep pushing. She has found a passion for fitness and is hoping to take it ever farther. My focus has stayed on point in this wild city to succeed and to prove she has the guts and personality to do well in every aspect of her life. Thanks for visiting my page :)