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Whether traveling for work or pleasure I cannot pass up a chance to squeeze in a sweat, but when a gym does not even have mats you know there is something seriously wrong. Why is it that hotel gyms also trap you with no windows? It is as if they want to challenge you by making you feel boxed in… the walls closing in and pushing you right back to your room (or the bar!). Not a chance buster! WE cannot back down from a challenge to create our own routine in any city or hotel.
Do not get frustrated. Make your workout worth it. Give yourself a focus- time frame, muscle group, or distance. This time I gave myself an hour. After my 20 minute incline walk (instead of my 10 minute interval run-see “We Can Do It” post), I created a routine with the limited materials at hand. Three things I tell my clients to do everyday: Squats, Push Ups, and Plank. These exercises can be done without additional weight and in any location. I use these as my base.
Try out this quick and effective sample routine!

Sample Routine: 20 Squats and 10 second hold 20 Tricep Dips (on the floor or a bench if available) 20 Back Rows (elbows 90 Degrees) Repeat 3 times. Followed by 2 minute break.

Find a way to incorporate all your muscle groups. Shoulder Press and balance on one leg or Lunges with a weighted twist. This will improve your overall workout with full body exercises and ultimately get you out of that gym and BACK to your travels.

As always these are my helpful tips. Feel free to share what works for you. As I continue my studies for my CSCS (Certified Strength Training and Conditioning Specialist) I will share my knowledge with all of y’all!

Remember it is not a competition. Push your workouts for yourself and see your improvements!

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