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I do not normal bring up others or stories of others in my blog, but tonight feels different. I have had too many friends recently putting themselves out there and not receiving the recognition and love they deserve. First off, dating sucks. No one enjoys the act of dating. It is normally an uncomfortable encounter of stories, interview questions, and mild wit mixed with awkward flirting. But it is not ALL bad. As Bradley Cooper’s character in a Silver Linings Playbook states, “This is what I believe to be true: You have to do everything you can and if you stay positive you have a shot at a silver lining.” There IS a silver lining and I just have to hope that my friends will all find happiness. I have a great friend who turned 30 this year and his only wish was that his friends find success. It is true, we all want the best for our friends. Hope. It is one little world and very close to my heart. Just believe there is hope for happiness and success and love and all you want in life. It may not be today, but I have hope it will be. Period. It has to, I won’t let you give up hope.

The eternal optimist

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