Girl Power vs. Damsel

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Two phrases that lead females in 2 directions. If I am a tough, strong, straight forward girl I am intimidating. If I like to be catered to, taken out on a date, and sent a nice sweet note then I am in need of saving. Why is it that there is a divide between Girl Power and Damsel in Distress. Disney Princesses cannot even make up their minds. Way to go Mulan, but Cinderella oh you needed Prince Charming to rescue you. I do not even know why this is on my mind except for the fact that I am literally a house divided. I want to be strong and confident and secure. I want to own my confidence and strength to achieve my OWN success. But… deep down it is nice to have someone care, who wishes only the best for you and wants to be there in case you do need a hand. Maybe it’s the inner Southern girl in me. So what if I am in ‘beast mode’ at the gym and afterwards adding 5 pounds of hairspray to my curls with a mini dress out on the town. ;) I give up on this battle. I think it is an even playing field. I think whoever cannot appreciate this balance of power is obviously seeking the wrong girl. So stay strong #GIRLPOWER and Don’t waste the pretty #Damsel.

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