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What can you do in 90 days? I have pushed myself in every which way these last 90 days. I wrote a blog on the first week of 2013 explaining my upcoming health and fitness goals. What really happened was a complete over-haul of my life. In 90 days I have gone through a strict diet, limited treats, new workouts, physical injuries, emotional reflection, heart ache, and self growth. Friends and family kept asking why? Why limit myself and push my body physically? Why not! This is the time. While I soul search (and job hunt). This is the first time that all I have to think about is myself. I get to try, push, feel, cry, and love anyway I want. Self worth is important. Especially in Los Angeles, where insecurity is at its highest and an external image is taken to extreme measures. Being proud of myself inside and out has been the best challenge. I want to wake up every morning feeling happy for the day ahead and go to bed at night smiling at what I have accomplished (big or small). Now, this may not happen every day but to lead my life in this way is the ultimate goal.
90 days ago: I was 127 lbs, 107 lbs lean muscle mass. I was at 16.1% body fat.
After 90 days: I am at 119 lbs, 108 lbs lean muscle mass. I am at 9.6% body fat.

After 90 days: I can officially lift some of the anger. Find hope and happiness. And finally know I am worthy of all the amazing things heading my way ;)

So to all those questioning their next move with their diet, workout, heart, or careers… I say, Why not?

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

With Love,

Mallory Hope
*newly remodeled for 2013*

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