2013 Phase 1

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Hi Friends! Welcome to the New Year! 2013 will be my year… I’m hoping :) I think it all starts with a positive fresh start. I’m working on a new workout plan. Mind, Body, and Soul. Helping in a trial 90 day program for an awesome gym in Orange County called Stark Training. This program will be my refresher. Taking time to meditate a day and writing a Grateful Journal at night. Every year is a chance to reload and restart what you want for yourself. This year I want it all. I am currently on the job hunt and ready to put myself first. I can only find the best if I feel the best inside and out. If this means watching my glucose intake, not drinking booze, or following a certain mental cleanse then I’m all for trying it! Day 1: Finished my first strength day. Besides needing to move my living room furniture, I feel pretty good. My first item in my Grateful Journal, is living in beautiful Hermosa Beach. I took my tea outside to meditate this morning. I am blessed to get to wake up to the Pacific Ocean everyday. I think this 90 day challenge will be a great start to an amazing 2013! Cheers!

ps. Take a look at the picture. Same dress, almost 2 years apart (older version left, newer version right). Let’s see what changes after these next 90 days.

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  1. Good for YOU! Glad to see you taking things forward and motivating the friends and family around you. You go girl. Everyday I go and watch the surf from my parents deck in Manhattan Beach and think the same thing, Boy am I blessed to wake up to this ocean every single day. Good luck on your journey :D

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