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Welcome to the world of information. I laugh when old people start a story with “When I was a kid…” or “During my time we..”, but maybe they have it right. Are we overly interconnected and interactive with our television sets? Any show you turn on now you instantly see a pop up of the hashtag for the show (currently my choices are #ncis #faceoffsyfy #onceabc #abcfbunheads). “When I was a kid” you heard the three dongs and a peacock flash in the bottom left. There was a tie to the station and to network. Seems the big guys are falling harder and relying more on social media to make it a hit. This is not a bad thing.. just a unique following (pun intended). Hashtags allow fans the chance to critique, like, hate, harass, or fond over. So I am all for taking a leap to the front row of the television set, but who am I sending these hashtags to anyways?

Dear Mr. Network producer, Please allow Gibbs to find love #ncis. Help #faceoffsyfy pick me as a model. Is the wolf coming back to #onceabc? How long until next season of #abcfbunheads? Sincerely, @malloryfromford #amazingselfpromoter

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